1) What exactly is Talent Management?
Talent Management is a catch-all practice that includes, but is not limited to talent acquisition, recruiting, selection, assessment, hiring, on-boarding, developing, training, retaining, performance evaluation, promotion, succession planning and retaining employees.

2) Why is having a seamless, end-to-end talent management process so important?  In a word, reputation.  Companies who pay attention to talent management position themselves as employers-of-choice and as such attract and retain the best possible employees. Reputation drives success. A positive reputation is critical to attracting top talent in every category.  Attracting and keeping top talent saves time and money.

3) What is the single most important factor in building revenue through talent management?
Understanding current gaps is most important.  You have to start with that!

4) How can the process to building revenue through talent management be streamlined?
Focus on  process. Notice and articulate the issues. Relax and work through the gaps step by step.  Build a plan, enroll employees, assess and adjust!

5) What is the single most important factor for talent management success?
In simplest terms, engagement!  And from engagement comes employee development, promotion, succession planning, retention….and institutional success!

6) Where will all this work lead?
Depending on the situation, this hard work will lead to:

  • Having talent acquisition and management processes that engage effective employees
  • Having teams that work well together to support company mission, vision and value
  • Having sustainable ways to attract, hire and keep the right people in the right jobs
  • Having fully understood processes that are streamlined and save time and money
  • Having sustainable ways to produce more revenue by having engaged employees
  • Having a pathway forward for promotion and succession planning

Anything else?

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