Annette is a fabulous Business Coach, who genuinely cares about how small business owners can reach their true potential. She has a pragmatic approach by starting with basic foundations that one without any knowledge of how to start a business would even think about.  Annette keeps the consultation succinct, organized, yet extremely personal. Her passion and expertise in several areas gives her a unique perspective on how to build on one’s business in creative ways. I was so energized after meeting with her the first time. My ideas were scattered in several directions, but she helped me realize where my square one actually is. She asks pertinent questions and is then able to skillfully assign a task that assists in the execution of the master business plan. I am honored and happy to be considered a client of hers. Kristin, Professional Flute Player and Music Conservatory Owner, September 2018

For the short period of time that I’ve been at William Paterson University, I’ve taken a few classes given by Human Resources.  I was in a class with some people from the Physical Plant Operations, HVAC, Plumbing, Mail Room, etc.  The theme of the class was dealing with the challenges in the performance of our duties, working with the various personalities within our staff, and communicating with management in an effective way.  Annette Baron taught the class and I’m writing to say that this was the best class that I’ve attended since I’ve been at William Paterson.  Annette is very knowledgeable and was clear in her explanations.  I could see that the class was comfortable asking questions and they understood her answers.  They were given a dose of confidence because they were now armed with new knowledge in their everyday dealings to improve their job performance and that of their staff. Ray, Facilities Supervisor, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ (August 2018)

Annette delivered a successful workshop in entitled, “Business Writing Like You’ve Never Seen it Before.”  Students listened with rapt attention and were eager to participate.  Every comment that I heard (and overheard) was positive.  The material covered exactly what I had in mind for a Business Writing Professional Education activity.  Annette, I can’t thank you enough for developing this workshop!  William “Jay” Davis, Operations Coordinator, Cotsakos College of Business, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ (April 2017)

I truly want to thank you for being such an inspiring professor; I really mean it. I find myself sharing with loved ones the many lessons you taught us. I have been able to manage relationships not only in the workplace, as well as my personal relationships much better. I have learned to have faith in myself a lot more, and to “lean in” as the book you told us many times to read - I am planning to reading it. I also purchased Triggers, started reading it but had to stop. I will finish it this summer. I appreciated your class and I am so glad I took it my last semester in College; it was the wake-up call we all needed to go out into real world and not pee our pants once reality hits. Although I have a full-time career and have had one for over 6 years, your class taught me a lot more about myself and the outside world in three months. Marcela Zuluaga, WPU Class of 2016

I’m glad you let me know you closed Eagle Research, Inc..  Your ability to find qualified candidates back when I was full time in Pharma/Biotech drew me to your services.  We had quite a successful collaboration.   I am glad you are leveraging your years of experience as an executive recruiter for the next stage of your career.  Bruce Reidenberg, MD, FAAP, FCP

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for conducting the Workshop on Etiquette recently offered to William Paterson University faculty and staff associates.  I am delighted to have made your acquaintance and wanted to advise that I found the presentation to be most inspiring, informative, and thought provoking. Perhaps our paths will cross in the future and I would welcome an occasion to engage with you once again. Caroline Jamros
Office of the Vice President for Student Development & Enrollment Management

Thank you, Annette. I really enjoyed being a participant in your training and presentation on behavioral interviewing. You kept the energy and interest high throughout both sessions.  You were the perfect “fit” to deliver this important information to our influencers.  It was clear that you care deeply about the outcome and are committed to our success.  Desyra Highsmith, Associate Director Human Resources, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

I want to thank you for everything you have taught me at WPU. Your class is the one that I enjoyed the most and I can most definitely say that I have learned the most as well. I appreciate the way you challenged us; it was in a way no other professor has and that made me apply myself more than I have ever done before.  I hope that I will be able to apply all you have taught us in my future professional career and personal life.  I hope you have affected other students’ lives the way you have mine. Thank you for being such a dedicated and enthusiastic professor. Sarkis Essayan, WPU graduate 01/2016

It has been a pleasure working with you over the years while you were running Eagle Research, Inc.   I have always been grateful that you facilitated my first industry position with Astra years ago.  And your referral to Lisa Rangel was a great help with spiffing up my CV…really helped me get noticed.  I sincerely wish you the best of everything!  Many thanks!! Brian L. Hamilton, MD, PhD

I was a former student at William Paterson University (Cotsakos College of Business) in Annette Baron’s Human Resources Management class.  There were a few key items that she stressed that stuck with me; streamline processes, mitigate risks, save money. Since then, I’ve tried to implement these actions in my career. I was recently looking to switch careers and reached out to her to assist me with building my resume and honing my interviewing skills. I cannot tell you how much she helped me through this process. Not only did she make me look like a superstar on my resume and during interviews but she helped me to get to know myself better in order to be the superstar that was written on my resume. She is a great asset to have and someone whose services I recommend to everyone.  Malika Budhram, BS Business Administration WPU 2013/Seton Hall University 2016, MS Health Care Administration

Annette has been a tremendous help to me to define my brand and grow my business.  She has a winning formula that embodies strong business savvy, great listening skills, and empathy.  I look forward to continuing our work together. Michael Green @ michaelgreen.com

I’m writing you this email to just thank you for being such a great inspiration. Your story about your husband today had me nearly choked up, I think everyone should be as proactive as you and lean in the way you did. I’m truly sad that this semester is almost over because I don’t want to stop learning from you. You have so much great knowledge to give, and I can only hope that one day I have as much knowledge and experience as you. This was the best class I have taken my entire college career. You’re a great role model, and I feel so honored to have you as my professor and I couldn’t be more thankful that you planted this seed in my head that makes me want to strive to be like you. Samaja Krajina, May 2014 WPU Graduate

Annette Baron is a specialist helping organizations articulate, with sizzle, not only who they are but also communicating with punch why they do what they do.  Annette has a rare ability to translate the why into effective proposal writing.  In essence, she distinguishes herself because her work helps organizations get to “yes” when proposing for new business.  Annette’s due diligence process is an opportunity for an organization to revamp and articulate why someone should do business with them.  As we all know, often what someone says is very different from what they do.   Annette bubbles that up to the surface creating consistency in outcome. Leila Ross, Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch

The thing about working with Annette is that she invites everyone into her enthusiasm, and because her motives are genuine, the results are consistently win-win.  As an executive recruiter she cares for and nurtures her candidates, ensuring that they are matched with a career step that makes sense.  As an Adjunct Professor, she dynamically weaves her real-life understanding of business into the curriculum and makes sure that students leave her class with actionable tools and skills. As a business professional, she listens exceptionally well and easily takes a meaningful deep dive into every conversation. Annette puts her considerable expertise, talent, caring, and generosity forward to facilitate the success of the people and businesses she serves.
Lisa Rangel PHR, CPRW, CEIC
Chameleon Resumes TM LLC – Reinvent Yourself!
Author of The Do-It-Yourself Branded Resume Kit
Author of Interview Confidently, Get Hired & Don’t Sell Out!

I have known Annette as a wonderful colleague and a supportive friend for more than 20 years. Not only has she impressed me with her capabilities and solid business sense, but also with her eagerness to dive into new projects, her creativity in finding new solutions, and her determination to do the best job possible. She understands business from the inside out and is an excellent communicator. She has succeeded not only professionally, where she has built and sustained a solid reputation among her clients, but also on a personal level. Annette constantly challenges herself to do more and to do better, to learn and to grow.
Ellie Cantor, PhD, MBA

I highly recommend Annette Baron, The Proposal Architect, to anyone who has
serious interest in crafting proposals that open the door to closing the
sale. Her holistic, dare I say, unique, approach to understanding my
business, prospective customers and the attendant honing of my messaging and
overall approach have quickly helped me “get the yes” more quickly and more
often than I thought possible.
Mike Nicholson, Director, The Acclaim Group

I called Annette out of the blue for advice after almost 10 years.  It was a great pleasure to speak with her again as her advice, counsel, and coaching in relation to a potential employment opportunity for which I am a candidate was extremely helpful and very insightful.  My prior experiences with Annette’s expertise and professionalism were exactly the reason that I had no reluctance and actually was very confident in again calling Annette.  I greatly valued her directness, obvious high level of competency and knowledge, but also that she took so much time to treat me in such a kind and personal demeanor and perspective.  I realized that I had nothing to give but yet she was so willing to give her time, knowledge, and expertise to me, which again, was unbelievably helpful, valuable, informative, and as always of the highest level of professionalism. I thank her and will keep in touch.
Robert L. Vender, MD; Associate Professor of Medicine; Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care Medicine; Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

I could not write this email fast enough after you left. I am SO grateful that we crossed paths. Thank you, Thank YOU, and THANK YOU. Our meeting really hit home this morning and brought some happy tears.  I am SUPER EXCITED to see what the future has in store for us here. Again, thank you Annette from the bottom of my heart.
Morgan Fischer, G&D Surgical, Englewood, NJ

As a serious business student at William Paterson University, I loved the way Professor Baron was able to open her students’ eyes to a different way of thinking. Her experiences in human resources allowed for a new message to appear to students which provoked a new way of looking at businesses. Her knowledge and expertise positions her students in a more concrete way than any chapter in a book. She insisted on growth and contributions  instead of textbook memorization, which pushed students into the business world. Remember, “It’s what one can do for others instead of what others can do for oneself.”
Stefan Waldron, Student, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ